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Well, welcome 2014! Starting now, me, Mikey Reilly, is going to be the writer of this website…I did not want the job as the MRB has 5 social networks which I keep up. I can say I’m gonna be busy trying to manage my duties, ha, ha. Please be patient with me as I learn this stuff.

This year is year 30 of the band! We’ve done 5 Albums, had 3 record labels, 39 band mates, 8 roadies and many managers that tried their best to keep the band rolling down the road. I can’t tell you what an honor it’s been to have the gigs we have performed over the years.

You, the audience absolutely have been what keep me out there. Wide in age, culture and demographics, you all ROCK!

So the first part of my year is going to be spent in a couple different recording studios. I’m doing a “Blues” album. Yes, you heard me right, I’m going to try to make peace with my purist brothers and sisters. I’m getting some very cool folk to do this one and it will also be my debut of a couple of back porch acoustic tunes. A long time coming.

Then onto completing what is going to be the MRB’s last studio album. I’ll be doing session work as special guest on a couple of CD’s from artists I know you’re going to hear about.

Gig/Shows – Aw yeah! A few clubs, a couple of fairs and festivals and my favorite, theaters where we put on the event! I have a lot of folks I’m trying to encompass as special guests with us as well. So hang in, hold on tight and everything is gonna be alright! See you soon! Mikey

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The 5th Annual Blues Day at The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch

Mike will be performing with some of San Diego’s finest blues musicians at The Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch, for the 5th Annual Blues day. Chubb’s Bro’s Big Daddy Les Taylor will be joining in as well.
Come Join the fun as it supports The Blues In The Schools Program!

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As 2013 is moving forward fast, it finds Mike has been writing, doing demos and has been recovering from a broken wrist.  He would like to say that the reunion of the old line up last year was a blast and thank all of you for your continued support!  In the upcoming months, there will be a few new faces on stage this year.  There are some festivals, fairs and a few theatre gigs are in works.  Check back soon and we’ll be letting you know updates of the when and where.

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As the year is nearing the end, Mikey has been putting the finishing touches on composing new material which will be his sixth album. The MRB has had a great time seeing old and making new friends. Beginning with the Calgary Blues Festival in Alberta, Canada to The History of The Mike Reilly Band at The Carlsbad Village Theatre. The band has gone many miles with “The Reilly’s Road” CD.

The approach for the new album is way different from anything we have ever done said Mikey. There will be more live takes and a little more reaching for how the band sounds live. The fact were not in a hurry will give us time to give it our best.

The MRB will of course, be having the usual friends appearing as a special guest and an eclectic array of new material.

We’ll keep you posted on upcoming dates and thanks for listening to The Mike Reilly Band on Pandora,I-tune’s The Flying Eye Network.

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